Saturday, July 05, 2008

MONSTER cowboy

So I was out for a drink (bbt) with a group of friends and we decided to cafe draw based on a theme. The first subject was a big guy that was sitting near us, and the theme was monster/cowboy. The second was a funny looking Asian lady, and the theme was assassin. I definitely put more thought into the cowboy, the Asian lady just looked too funny for any of us to concentrate!


government loans said...

Can you add some more photos?

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Ken Tam said...

couldnt get to sleep, and i c this LOL
cant believe u update so fast LOL
ROFL LOL asian lady XDDDD
koo cowboy

Jeffrey Jing-hei Cheung 章正熙 said...

Lol, awesome.

RAWLS said...

Is that a toxic waste barrel and a computer that shes hiding behind?! I like her glasses.